Jesus is the Reason All the Time

I wrote this post on Facebook and I’ve been thinking more and more about it. I understand our culture is not Godly. And as believers, we often feel like we need to fight against a culture that does not want Christ at the center of anything. It’s hard especially when there are those of us who try to live a life of integrity filled with love and compassion.

I know I fail many times to live up to the standard that Christ set before me. And I am grateful beyond measure for His love and mercy. But when the world sees us arguing about Christmas trees versus Holiday trees, or Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays, maybe it’s time to take a step back and evaluate what’s in our hearts.

So here’s what I wrote:

I see all those “Jesus is the Reason for the season” posts and I had some thoughts.

Jesus is the reason for your breathing. He’s the reason you have life. He’s the reason there are trees and birds and oceans.

I feel like we get so focused on a “culture war” this time of year instead of focusing on the things that really matter. We put up our nativity alongside Santa. We plot where to put the elf the next day. We run around to buy gifts, make dinner, go to parties. We get frustrated with our sugared up kids when they meltdown. And the season feels like a whirlwind.

I love Christmas. The lights, the reminder of my Savior’s early days. I love the reminder of the miracle God performed. I love it. I love getting gifts for my kids, my family, and finding something that makes them feel special.

There are many sad people around us. People who are spending their first holiday without a loved one. People who are spending their fifth holiday without someone.

In all your busyness have you stopped to do something kind for someone?

Have you stopped to thank someone for their kindness to you?

Do you put as much effort into studying the Word of God this time of year as you do setting up the elf?

Here’s the thing, God is God all the time. We can celebrate Him in December, July or February. But we have an opportunity to not just see lights this year, but to be them.

We have an opportunity to love our neighbor, our friends, and our community not just with presents, but with our presence and our love.

So go out and love your neighbor with a kind word, a bag of groceries, a listening ear, or a hug. Go out and share the love of Christ in February and July as much as you do in December. And enjoy the lights and wonder of the season.

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