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    How Can a Mom Focus on Her Health?

    I remember when my third child was born. I was so tired that it was a chore to function each day. I worked from home and was back working 3 days after I gave birth. There was no “napping when the baby napped” for me. I had a 5-year-old and a 22-month-old and a newborn and let’s just say that the exhaustion was real. The idea of getting up and exercising or focusing on healthy meal planning was near impossible during this season. The stress of this season lasted a long time and in retrospect, I believe I was dealing with some post-partum depression and anxiety. I didn’t know what…

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    There are Giants in the Land

    After about 3 months of living in the promised land, I want to tell you something important. We often think that stepping into the promised land is easy. That’s it’s going to be a vacation. But I want you to know that there are giants in the land. When God spoke over us that we would enter in to the promised land, he never said it would be easy. He said He would be with us. And while I knew this in concept, I have gotten to experience this principle first-hand. Do you remember the story of Moses? He led the people through the wilderness and the Red Sea that…

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    Stepping into the Promised Land

    I could write a book about the journey we’ve experienced during the past two years to get to this moment. I imagine how Joshua and Caleb must’ve felt when the finally got to cross over into the land the Lord had promised them. The land flowing with milk and honey. We left Colorado for Virginia almost two years ago. It was one year and 11 months if you want to be precise. We left with a vision and a direction. When we got here, nothing went as planned and we ended up renting an apartment instead of buying a home with acreage. To say we were disappointed is an understatement.…

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    New Year, New Vision-God’s Vision

    Have you ever made a vision board? I’m going to be honest, I’ve not been one to jump on this bandwagon. But earlier this year, I felt the Lord impress on my heart to write the vision down. More accurately, to create a visual representation of the dreams that He had spoken to me. So I did it. I made a collage of words and pictures to represent the things that I knew He put in my heart. It was a healing process because life had kicked me down and I could barely do the things I needed to do daily, let alone dream or work on my dreams. Once…

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    Is Your Pride Keeping You From God’s Blessing?

    This season has been really hard financially. We live mostly paycheck to paycheck and have received a lot of help from our families off and on. It’s not something we’ve had to do much of in our 15 years of marriage. In fact, most of the time it’s been easy. I worked a 9-5 that paid really well. My hubby worked one too and we lived a modest lifestyle, so even if one pay period was rough, we could usually recoup things within a few weeks. Do you remember the Israelites in the wilderness? They trusted God daily for their sustenance. Manna from heaven. Meat that just flew in. God…

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    4 Key Ways to Keep Kids Healthy

    We all want our kids to be healthy. We want them to thrive in life. But what does it take? When I had my first son I thought the key to healthy kids was some sort of mysterious thing. My oldest got sick a lot and while I followed all of the typical advice, it seemed like he caught EVERY. SINGLE. COLD. It was rough. When he was two, we discovered that he had a casein allergy and was sensitive to gluten like myself. The allergist of course said to remove the offending foods and gave me a long list of things to avoid. Talk about tough. This kid could…

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    Parenting Through Change

    Parenting is hard. Let’s face it, kids don’t come with a handbook and just when you think you’ve got things down, life throws a curve ball at you. Maybe you have a job change and you need to move or your lease got too expensive and you need to find a new apartment. Maybe the world around you changed and you’re just trying to figure out how to raise your kids through it all. Have you ever wondered how to parent through change? It’s not easy. Routines get upended, kids get cranky, parents get crabby, and the stress can overwhelm everyone. The past six months have been weird. I mean…

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    Do You Do Any of These 3 Time Wasters in Your Business?

    Running a small business is hard. Let’s face it, when you first get started, you may be the IT department, the marketing department, the sales person, the Social Media Manager and more. It’s hard enough managing all of these important tasks without getting sucked into these time wasters. I share the Top 3 Time Sucks That Can Kill Any Small Home Business over on The Mustard Seed Sentinel. Head over and read the whole article. You’ll discover some quick ideas to help you stay focused on your business. What are some others that you would add to the list?

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    Are You Using the Best Salt? Himalayan Pink Salt For the Win.

    Are you scared of salt? I used to be. I was so scared of it that I never added it to my food. I would only have it if I ate something processed. I have a much healthier relationship with salt now. But did you know salt is necessary? And too often, people are using the wrong kind. Did you know that Himalayan pink salt contains around 84 trace minerals in addition to the actual sodium content? I can be a bit of a science nerd, so when a friend told me she was using Himalayan pink salt to help with some health problems she was having, I was intrigued.…

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    Yes, You Can Lead Your Child to Jesus

    Coming to Jesus isn’t just for adults. In fact, Jesus himself said in Matthew 19:14, “let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these”. One of the most heartbreaking trends I see is when Christian parents don’t step into their God-given role of disciplers and evangelists in their own homes. They miss out on opportunities to share Jesus in their own homes. Ouch. In the USA especially, we set up a family schedule that often hinders our child’s ability to come to Jesus. Our schedules are often so full of school, after-school activities, and household stuff, that…

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    Need to Homeschool During This Pandemic?

    I’m sure you’ve seen all the memes if you’ve spent any time on social media. They run the gamut from wine and pajama time to how to create a detailed schedule for your child’s “homeschool”. First of all, what you’re experiencing with “homeschooling” during stay-at-home orders is nothing like what true homeschooling can be under normal circumstances. Right now there are no parks, museums, and other children to play with. This is all very difficult and heartbreaking for the kids and the parents. We’re all stressed. Some of us still have jobs to go to which is stressful and for those who don’t have jobs right now, there is another…