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    The Holy Spirit is the Most Essential Oil

    Move over frankincense, there’s an oil more powerful than anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s better than lavender, tea tree, more potent than oregano, and doesn’t cost a penny. What if there were an oil that would guide you into all truth? What if there were an oil that would teach you? What if there were an oil that would empower you? What if there were an oil that would grant you eternal life? No, I’m not selling tickets to the fountain of youth. I’m telling you about the most important oil in the universe. You can take it with you anywhere you go. This oil can transform your life. The…

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    3 Reasons Your Health is Failing: A Biblical Perspective

    I sometimes write about health topics and especially natural health topics on here. I care a lot about health because I know how hard it is when your health is bad. It makes everything else slow to a stop. And while sometimes this is good, you need to slow down, it can also hinder you from doing the things that God called you to do. As Christians, I know many of us have the habit of automatically blaming the devil for our bad health. We say it’s an attack. Or we pray against a spiritual thing, when it might not be that. It may seem like a health condition just…