• Faith

    Stepping into the Promised Land

    I could write a book about the journey we’ve experienced during the past two years to get to this moment. I imagine how Joshua and Caleb must’ve felt when the finally got to cross over into the land the Lord had promised them. The land flowing with milk and honey. We left Colorado for Virginia almost two years ago. It was one year and 11 months if you want to be precise. We left with a vision and a direction. When we got here, nothing went as planned and we ended up renting an apartment instead of buying a home with acreage. To say we were disappointed is an understatement.…

  • Business

    Do You Do Any of These 3 Time Wasters in Your Business?

    Running a small business is hard. Let’s face it, when you first get started, you may be the IT department, the marketing department, the sales person, the Social Media Manager and more. It’s hard enough managing all of these important tasks without getting sucked into these time wasters. I share the Top 3 Time Sucks That Can Kill Any Small Home Business over on The Mustard Seed Sentinel. Head over and read the whole article. You’ll discover some quick ideas to help you stay focused on your business. What are some others that you would add to the list?